Saturday, October 1, 2016

We are all together and in the Great State of Vermont

Sue and I went to the Logan airport this morning around 11:30 and met Bonnie (she flew in from Savannah, GA) in front of the Cape Air desk. Joanne, Melissa and Tammy met us a few hours later at the Cape Air gate area.
It was so good to see everyone and it wasn't long before we were laughing and making fun of each other.
A conversation between Sue and Melissa: Sue-last hike I developed a very large blister on the back of my foot.  Melissa-did you put some muleskin on it?  Sue-you mean moleskin? Joanne and I have decided we are going to make a list of what we are now calling Melissaisms.
We flew in a 9 passenger plane so it was almost like having a private charter.
After an hour of flight time we arrived in Rutland, Vermont where there was a driver waiting to take us on to Shoreham for our first night stay in Vermont. Unfortunately, Tammy's bag did not make it on the flight as there was not enough room so our driver was kind enough to stop at a store in Rutland so Tammy could get a toothbrush and some contact solution.
It turned out to be a great opportunity to get some wine and Vermont cheese for our stay at the Inn.
We had dinner here at the Shoreham Inn and are now ready to start hiking tomorrow.

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