Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Experiencing the Boston Strong

Yesterday was a travel day between Rutland and Boston, the skies were clear and the view beautiful as we flew on the nine seat Cape Air flight. We arrived in Boston around 1pm but our condo with Stay Alfred was not ready til 3pm so we got some lunch and killed some time until we were allowed into our condo. Then we walked to Little Italy which was not too far from our place. We found a comedy theater, bought tickets for the show that night, had dinner in a wonderful Italian restaurant. We ordered several appetizers and shared as none of us felt very hungry. The comedy show was at Improv Asylum and was a fun way to spend the evening.
Today we headed to the harbor to get tickets to ride the City Trolly and take a harbor tour.

We visited Paul Revere's house and saw all the sites of the city.
Paul Revere's house

We went to the Old North Church where the two lanterns were hung to show the British were coming by sea.
We had lunch at Joe's and had the most delicious Lobster roll and sweet potato fries.
On our walk home we came across Mike's Sweets and had to stop there to buy our Boston Cream Pies, as well as, a few other desserts.
Tomorrow we are off to Virginia to do some more hiking, we hike because we enjoy it but after all the eating we have been doing it is turning into a necessity!

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