Sunday, October 2, 2016

Here's How We Start Our Hikes

For our first day of hiking our hosts at the Shoreham Inn, Molly and Dominic, made suggestions of places to explore in the area. All they needed to mention was Apple Orchard Hard Cider Farm and we were on our way! 

On our way to the cider farms we came across a very old and interesting grave yard, many of the residents were born in the early 1800's and died at a fairly young age. 


Our next stop was the Douglas Orchards. We were given an off the cuff tour of the process of producing some of the best cider in the country. A couple of times a week, pickers bring in bushels of apples and dump them on the washing belt, they are then ground up whole, mashed and the cider is extracted, the cider is then sterilized with ultra violet lighting and bottled for sale in the store. The mashing process was difficult for me to follow but cloths used in that process are washed in these old wringer washing machines.


Melissa bought some cider donuts and shared with us, they were very good, not too much sugar but you could definitely taste the cider.
Then we were off to the hard cider orchard! Along the way we came across the most beautiful garden, the owner was out in the yard so we asked permission to take pictures, he was so friendly inviting us into his yard to show us the mosaic mailbox his wife made. He said the yard was her passion and she would be so happy to hear we were impressed.

flower made of cement

After a few more miles of walking we came to the Champlain Orchards Cidery. All of the hard ciders are crafted with Vermont grown apples. The owner gave us a tasting of several different hard ciders, my favorite was the Cranberry hard cider so I am now carrying a bottle all the way home to have with Thanksgiving dinner.
After returning to our Inn for the evening, I went and took a steam bath, Melissa made some phone calls, Sue and Bonnie walked into town to check it out and Tammy and Joanne relaxed in their room. Before dinner we gathered in the bar for a drink and learned from Gina on social media that Southern California was in danger of a big earthquake. We discussed that for a few minutes as a couple of us have homes there, then went into dinner. Not much we can do from here and it is way too beautiful here to think about anything bad other places. Dinner, of course, was wonderful. Melissa discovered they sold Brunello wine, and bought a bottle to share. Our last hike together was in France and Italy, where we visited many wineries. One of the most favored wines on that trip was Brunello Di Montalcino, made in Montalcino where we hiked.
The day and evening were perfect, Tammy's suitcase was in her room after dinner and we are anxious to experience tomorrow.

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