Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our Zen Day

Everyone should take some time in their lives to reflect on all the things for which they are thankful.
Today was our day. While driving down the road someone noticed a sign indicating "Spirit in Nature". Sounded interesting to all of us so we pulled in the parking lot. It also had a labyrinth and Sue was familiar with them so she explained that as we walked through we were to think of a problem and when we came to the middle we were to put a leave or stick or flower in the center to represent our ridding ourselves of the problem. We all live such fortunate lives we could not think of any problems so we just privately meditated as we walked through the labyrinth
The Spirit in Nature is situated on 70 acres of land on the western slope of the Green Mountains. The paths wander along river banks and the shores of beaver ponds, over mossy stone walls and through old growth forest. We followed different paths through the woods and came across poems and quotations from different religions, all being very thought provocating. In 1990 Middleburg College held a symposium here on "Spirit and Nature", it was attended by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Tammy was taking pictures and noticed after she took a picture there was a fuzziness in the center of the picture, she quickly took another one to see if it would show up again. I am sharing both pictures so you can see for yourself. 

We took some time in the afternoon to do laundry and check out the country side. Then we went to Blueberry Inn and spent the most peaceful afternoon relaxing and reflecting.
Today is my birthday and I am so fortunate to be spending it doing what I love with five of the most special, fun, loving women that I am so grateful to have in my life. They surprised me at dinner with lighted balloons, gifts and a delicious pumpkin cake.  Life is good!!

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  1. Too cool. Super day especially stumbling on the Spirit Circle. Tammy's two pictures were wild and deserve an explanation beyond "I just sneezed in the lens.....".
    Happy Birthday Mary - your words ring true. 😘