Friday, October 7, 2016


As we are hiking up the many hills of Vermont, I think "Geez, we must be climbing all the way to heaven" then I look around and realize we are in heaven. We have been blessed with the most beautiful weather, colors, and good hikes. We have stayed in the cutest and most beautiful Inn's I have ever seen. We left Blueberry Inn, which was gorgeous and moved into Lilac Inn which was like a unbelievable French residence. Melissa and I had a room that was huge and felt like a personal home.

                                                                         It was hard for Melissa to leave here as this is her dream kind of place but leave we must after one last group photo in the gazebo.

We couldn't resist doing a little shopping at the Brandon street market then we headed out for the October Inn. After driving for about an hour we arrived, and what should happen to be located within walking distance to the Inn was none other than the Long Trail Brewery. We checked in, put our bags in our rooms and headed for the brewery. We all ordered a beer, Melissa a red wine, with some nachos and truffle fries. Melissa found out, you don't order wine in a brewery because beer is their focus not wine. As we are sitting on the deck enjoying the beautiful weather and beer the waitress comes and tells us we have to evacuate as there is a gas leak next door!!  "there is no time to finish the beer, she says, and you cannot take it with you, but don't worry about tipping me" We did have time to pay the bill, however.
So we loaded up in the car and headed down the road to Woodstock, not the one from the 60's. It is the cutest little town with lots of great shops but oh so expensive!
We are two nights at the October Inn and are headed out to a point to point hike on the Appalachian trail tomorrow.

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  1. Beer? Gas? Can't be - you were at the wrong brewery.
    What a cool "casita". Who would have thought those elegant places existed.
    Thanks for the report and the colors. Wow 🍂🍁🍂