Thursday, September 29, 2016

Our First Day in Boston

Sue and I arrived in Boston this morning at 7am after flying all night from Fairbanks and Seattle. Even though we were lucky enough to fly first class it still did not provide a restful sleep. We are staying in an AirBnB in Charlestown. Roger, a very nice man who owns the townhouse, rents out an extra bedroom and says the money he makes doing that will be applied to his trip to Europe and AirBnB's he will rent over there. AirBnB's are a great way to go, you meet local people who can be very helpful in your travels and the parties on both sides are vetted very well so it seems very safe to do.
After a pretty sleepless night Sue and I took off walking to find a place for breakfast and to find Fenway Park baseball field. We found a great little place close by, The Grasshopper Cafe, for breakfast but it took us seven miles of walking to find Fenway Park. We got there 5 minutes before the 2pm park tour started so of course we did that. The tour lasted for an hour and took us to all the different seating possibilities in the park, we also went into the glass enclosed press area. The park is 102 years old and was saved from destruction by three gentlemen who bought the park and got it designated an historical park saving it from any future destruction as well.
We Ubered back to the AirBnB and then walked to a little restaurant called Prescott which is also close by.
We are back in our room now fighting to stay awake at least til 7:30pm


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  1. What a fun day, hope you are rested and the weather is cooperating! Keep on posting!